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Buying A Greyhound

Deciding where, when and who to buy a greyhound from


Option 1 – Ready 2 Race Greyhound Sales

GRV holds the annual R2R greyhound sales which were established in 2012. Greyhounds that are sold through the auction, race in heats and finals prior to being auctioned. This gives the buyer the opportunity to watch the greyhound race prior to purchasing. The benefit of purchasing a greyhound from these sales is that most greyhounds purchased will be in a position to race soon after the sales. For more information on the Ready 2 Race greyhound sales click on:


Option 2 – Buying a pup from a breeder

Buying a greyhound from a young age directly from a greyhound breeder will allow you to watch the greyhound grow and mature into a racing dog.

Where to buy a greyhound from a breeder?

GRV can provide a list of recent whelping dates on a month-by-month basis which will give you a guide on the type of breeding you can choose from and allow you to research the blood lines of the greyhound. The spreadsheet will provide information on the sire, dam, whelping date, dog/bitch, the suburb or town the greyhound is located and it provides you with the contact details of the breeder.

For details on whelping dates please click on:


Option 3 – Buying a pup that is broken in or currently racing

Buying a puppy that is broken in will allow you to get an idea on the greyhound’s ability on the track.  If the greyhound purchased has already raced, you can research the greyhounds form through the GRV website.


Option 4 – Buying a share in a commercially operated syndicate

There are a number of online syndication websites that offer shares in greyhounds. Before entering into a commercial agreement with one of these operators, you should thoroughly research the terms and conditions offered by the syndication operator. All commercially operated syndication businesses are obligated to provide offerees a product disclosure statement (PDS).