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Pre-Training Your Greyhound

Pre-training is the final step in a greyhound’s education before it starts its racing career.

Pre-training is usually involves trialling approximately once a week at actual racetracks over a period of about 12 weeks.

The purpose of pre-training is to prepare a greyhound for racing by:
– Re-enforcing what your greyhound learnt during breaking-in; ie. exiting the boxes & chasing a lure with 100 per cent commitment
– Trialling your greyhound at a variety of TAB racetracks and against other greyhounds of a similar standard
– Building your greyhound’s strength by gradually trialling over increased distances
– Building your greyhound’s fitness levels so that he/she can cope with the physical demands of competitive racing

There are a number of professional pre-trainers around the state. As the governing body, Greyhound Racing Victoria is not in a position to recommend pre-trainers, however top breeders might be able to point you in the right direction (refer to GRV’s Top Breeding Stats).

If your greyhound is showing reasonable potential during breaking-in then you may be able to source a trainer who will undertake your greyhound’s pre-training.


You can expect to pay about $80-$100 per week for pre-training.

Greyhounds need regular free galloping (off lead) in a paddock or secure long run or straight track in the weeks leading up to pre-training. Otherwise you run the risk of your greyhound developing acidosis, which is a build up o f excess lactic acid in the muscles. Acidosis is a potentially career ending condition which comes from overworking a greyhound beyond its