• Friday, 13 May, 2022,
  • by Greyhound Racing Victoria

Clarification on dress code requirements

Minimum dress requirements were removed from the rulebook from May 1, with Dress Standard Guidelines and Policy applying from 1 May 2022 and available here.

As part of that change the Board endorsed that further and specific consultation with participants occur on other changes that were proposed with the intention that an updated dress code could be completed later in the year.

Apart from the addition of a new option allowing participants to wear black shorts or a black skirt during Daylight Savings time, there is no change to the race day minimum dress requirements when handling, parading, or catching a greyhound.

Pending consultation on the minimum dress code requirements later in the year, participants remain able to wear other appropriate attire on race days, including during kennelling and any time a participant is physically in charge of a greyhound (other than when handling, parading or catching a greyhound).

Participants must continue to ensure that they always wear suitable flat soled, enclosed-toe, shoes, or boots.  For the avoidance of doubt, footwear such as thongs, heels, and crocs or similar slip-on shoes are not appropriate due to the significant safety risks posed when worn at any time, including during kennelling.

Call GRV’s Participant Support Line on 1300 144 360 or send email to [email protected]   if assistance or further clarification is required.

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