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2018 Ready 2 Race; how is this for some numbers

Nine finals of the Ready 2 Race series will be held on Saturday at Bendigo with the auction to follow, and Bendigo Greyhound Racing Association Club Manager Troy Harley is still excited about the depth displayed in the series so far.

In a previous article, which can be found HERE, Harley stated that although there are no absolute standouts in the heats, the depth is stronger than ever and here are his statistics to explain why.

Dogs to break 24.50 seconds over the 425 metre distance at Bendigo:
2016: 36/156 or 23% of heat runners
2017: 34/98 or 34% of heat runners
2018: 31/56 or 56% of heat runners

Dogs not to break 25.00 seconds over the 425 metre distance at Bendigo:

2016: 54/156 or 34% of heat runners
2017: 28/98 or 28% of heat runners
2018: 10/55 or 18% of heat runners

Dogs to beat the Tier 3 time standard:
2016: 16/156 or 10% of heat runners
2017: 14/98 or 14% of heat runners
2018: 12/55 or 22% of heat runners

For Finals Ready 2 Race fields click HERE

For all heats results click HERE 

For the 2018 Ready 2 Race Catalogue click HERE

Saturday November 17 is Final and Auction day. The greyhounds will compete in a six dog field for potential buyers in the morning with the Auction held at Lords Raceway in Bendigo that afternoon.
Racing commences at 11.15am with the auction beginning at 1.30pm.

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