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New Local Rules focus on animal welfare and integrity


New local rules covering rehoming greyhounds, euthanasia, lures, live baiting, greyhound properties and suspended and disqualified persons, will come into effect on 14 June 2016 in Victoria.

The new rules, many in direct response to recommendations in the Racing Integrity Commissioner and Chief Veterinary Officer Victoria reports, will help ensure animal welfare and integrity are the priorities for the code.

Under the new rules, participants must make every effort to re-home fit and healthy greyhound and provide evidence of such efforts when requested by GRV.

Participants will also need to notify GRV in writing if they intend to euthanise more than five greyhounds in any four-week period. They can do this through a form on Fast Track’s ‘Retirement’ page at which must be emailed, faxed, posted or hand delivered to GRV at least seven days before the intended euthanasia date.

The new rules also ban any lures that have not been approved by the GRV Board. Approved lures must be safe for use by greyhounds and people and made only from synthetic or artificial materials with no animal materials.

As part of the new rules covering lures, participants must also get approval from GRV if they keep domesticated pets or agricultural animals on their premises. A two month transition period from 14 June to 14 August 2016 will allow participants to make sure they are compliant and facilitate the upgrade of Fast Track to provide a user-friendly notification and approval process for this requirement.

Under the new rules, prescribed categories of greyhound training properties will also need to comply with certain conditions and be registered with GRV. The new property registration categories and conditions will be finalised following input from the current round of stakeholder engagement workshops.

These workshops will also inform a new framework for registering participants involved in whelping, rearing, breaking-in or educating greyhounds which will come into effect on 14 June 2017.
A full list of the new local rules and FAQs can be found at

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