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Industry Consultative Group (ICG)


In 2016, the Board of Greyhound Racing Victoria established a sub-committee known as the Industry Consultative Group (ICG), because it recognised that consultation with industry participants is vitally important to the long-term sustainability of the sport of greyhound racing.

ICG members have appropriate experience and diversity across at least one of the following areas:

  • Greyhound Owner Trainer Breeder Association
  • Greyhound Racing Clubs
  • Greyhound Racing Sport Participants
  • GRV Board
  • Animal welfare or veterinary industry

The ICG meets regularly to provide independent advice and assistance to the GRV Board and management on issues/topics of significance including welfare, integrity, breeding, racing, regulation, promotion, clubs, building industry confidence and growing a younger participant base.

It is expected that a call for expressions of interest from participants wishing to fill any vacancies on the ICG will be advertised early in each calendar year via GRV’s website and in Greyhound Monthly Victoria magazine.


President of the Australian Greyhound Veterinarians, Barbara works as an On Track Vet, while her family has been involved in greyhound racing in a hobby capacity as breeders, rearers and educators.

Has had an active involvement in the breeding, whelping, rearing and training of 10 litters over the past 20 years in conjunction with partner Terry, as well as the re-homing of their dogs through the Greyhound Adoption Program.

Manager of the Traralgon Greyhound Racing Club. Steve has 25 years of experience in greyhound racing including as a breeder, owner and trainer. Has trained many topliners and bred greyhounds that went to stud.

As well as being a registered greyhound breeder and attendant Tracey has a deep understanding of the various challenges faced by suburban greyhound trainers.

Terry Davis

Trained greyhounds briefly before moving into administration with the Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association, where he has been a Director for 25 years including one as Chairman and 15 as Deputy Chairman, Has enjoyed great success as a breeder with his best greyhounds including Kilby Supreme and Don Chendo.

A third generation greyhound racing participant who has become more heavily involved in the past 10 years as a breeder and trainer, preparing winners on almost every track across the state.

Ear-brander for Greyhound Racing Victoria and Clearance Officer for the Geelong Greyhound Racing Club. Brian is also a former Chairman of the Geelong GRC, an educator at the Lara Trial Track and Club Steward for the Victoria Coursing Club. Also an experienced trainer, preparing only 2-3 greyhounds at a time.

Has been actively involved in looking after greyhounds since she was six years old, when her parents trained greyhounds. Nicole has significant experience in whelping down litters, rearing, educating and training greyhounds, while she also placed a strong emphasis on preparing her greyhounds for re-homing.

Founding Director of greyhound syndicator, The Golden Paw, which has a client list of over 1,000 people. Has had a hands-on involvement in greyhound ownership for more than a decade.

President of the Greyhound Owners Trainers & Breeders Association (GOTBA). Sandra grew up in greyhound racing being a daughter of the late Paul Hogan, a champion greyhound breeder and inductee in GRV’s Hall of Fame.

Heather Villinger

Life member of the National Coursing Association of Victoria and recipient of coursing’s 2018 Noel Banks Medal. Worked in administration at Greyhounds Australasia and the Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club, while also having many years of experience as a greyhound breeder, owner, trainer and handler.

Has owned and raced greyhounds across Victoria and interstate over the past eight years and been involved in breeding litters for the past five years. Tom has introduced a number of new participants to greyhound racing whilst managing expectations and awareness of animal welfare obligations including re-homing.