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Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV)

1. HoF Selection Committee
The function of the HoF Selection Committee is to select and enshrine:
(a) current and former industry participants (which are not only limited to owners, trainers, breeders, attendants), current and former club committee members or club volunteers, media representatives and administrators to the GRV HoF
(b) current and former greyhounds to the GRV HoF
The Selection Committee will be on-going and will undertake the following responsibilities:
• On a annual basis between September and December the committee shall meet to consider the nominated people and greyhounds for possible induction into the HoF at the Greyhound Awards Night Ceremony

2. Membership of Steering and Selection Committees

2.1 Membership of the HoF Selection Committee shall consist of –
(a) a GRV Board Member or GRV CEO
(b) an officer of GRV to act as Secretary of the Committee;
(c) a maximum of 7 other members appointed by the GRV Board in its absolute discretion.
2.2 The Chairman of the HOF Selection Committee shall be a person nominated by the GRV Board.
2.3 The current HOF Selection Committee (as at 18/10/12) is:
Adam Wallish (HoF Chairman) Karen Leek (GOTBA)
Joe Yusi (HoF Secretary) Hector Caruana (Provincial)
Eddie Caruana (MGRA) Neil Brown (Sandown GRC)
Heather Villinger (NCA) Simone Fisher (Media)
2.4 Retirement of Committee Members
(a) The following retirement policy shall occur on a rotational basis commencing 1 July 2010.
Year 1 – MGRA, NCA
Year 2 – GOTBA, Provincial Club, Media
Year 3 – Sandown, Media
(b) The GRV Board representative shall be an ex-officio member of the Committee and shall not be subject to retirement by rotation.
(c) Any person appointed to the Committee, other than the Chairman and the Secretary, shall be appointed for a term of three years. Retirement shall take place on 30th June in the year in which the appointment expires.

2.5 Appointment and removal of Members
(a) The GRV Board shall have the sole power to fill all vacancies in the Committee, by appointment of new members and to remove any members.
(b) The GRV Board may require a member of the Committee to resign and that member shall resign where in the opinion of the GRV Board, the member is unwilling or unable to effectively perform the duties required of a Committee member.

3. Purpose of the Committee

3.1 The Committee is established for the purpose of:
(a) considering all eligible candidates for induction into the HoF;
(b) selecting candidates for induction into the HoF as the Committee considers appropriate having regard to the guidelines set out in this Charter;
(c) regulating the procedures of the Committee for the holding of meetings, voting, membership, appointment and the like;
(d) recommend policies regarding the induction of members and format of recognition and other aspects of the HoF;
(e) carrying out such other duties and functions as the GRV Board may determine from time to time.
3.2 The Committee shall at all times act in accordance with and subject to the terms of this Charter, except where expressly authorised by the GRV Board to the contrary.
4. Role of the Hall of Fame

4.1 The role of the HoF is to recognise and enshrine people and greyhounds that have made a most significant contribution to the Victorian Greyhound Industry since the commencement of Non-Proprietary racing in 1956.

4.2 The HoF will recognise a small number of individuals and greyhounds who made an outstanding contribution to the sport of greyhound racing prior to 1956 and this category will be known as ‘The Pioneers of Greyhound Racing’.

4.3 The Hall of Fame shall be a virtual site providing an atmosphere that is conducive to the appropriate recognition and memory of the inductees.

4.4 The Committee shall recommend the format of recognition to be devoted to Hall of Fame inductees to the GRV Board.

4.5 Selection into the HoF shall be difficult to achieve in that those selected will command the respect of the Greyhound industry and the public.
5. Selection Criteria for Induction into the Hall of Fame

5.1 The selection criteria for the HoF was developed by the Steering Committee and subsequently endorsed by the GRV Board. The selection criteria will be available to the general public and the GRV Board from time to time may see fit to make amendments to the selection criteria.

5.2 The selection criteria will be used by the Committee in deciding if a person or greyhound shall be included in the HoF.

5.3 The following categories shall apply for the HoF:
• Greyhound (Racetrack Performance, Sire, Broodbitch)
• Participant (Trainer, Breeder)
• Club Official (Committee, Volunteer)
• Administrator (Board Member, Management, Club Administrator)
• Media (Print, Race-callers)
• Professional (Veterinary, Canine Chiropractor, Racing Equipment)
• Other (Bookmakers, Identities)

5.4 The Committee shall consider a candidate’s outstanding service and overall contribution to the Victorian greyhound industry in determining eligibility for induction into the HoF.

5.5 Without limiting clause 5.2, the Committee may consider a candidate’s individual record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character.
5.5 For people, the number of years of service provided shall only be a consideration and shall not be determinative in assessing a candidate’s eligibility.

5.6 Candidates shall be adjudged on the basis of their overall contribution to Victorian greyhound racing as opposed to one specific aspect.

5.7 The Committee shall consider candidates from all parts of greyhound racing in Victoria.

5.8 A greyhound may only be eligible for induction into the GRV HoF if that greyhound has been retired from racing for at least 3 years.

5.9 A person may not be a candidate for induction into the HoF while a member of the Committee.

5.10 There shall be no special order of precedence given to HoF inductees.
6. Inductions
Initial Inductees

6.1 People
The Committee initially selected and inducted 6 pioneers and 15 persons into the HoF.
In listing the above categories (5.3), the Committee should recognize that many persons will fall into more than one category. The Committee ensured that the initial inductees are relatively evenly spread throughout the history of the Victorian greyhound industry from 1956 to 2008.
6.2 Greyhounds
The Committee initially selected and inducted 15 greyhounds into the HoF. The Committee ensured that the initial greyhound inductees are relatively evenly spread throughout the history of Victorian greyhound racing from 1956 to 2008.
Induction Process (Post 2009)
GRV researchers will provide an intake of new nominations every second year between July and September (commencing in 2011)
The HoF Committee will elect a maximum of four inductees to the HoF in any given year with the make up as follows:
• Up to 2 persons
• Up to 2 greyhounds that have been retired for at least 3 years.

Following the initial induction in July 2009, all persons and greyhounds will be inducted into the HoF at the annual Victorian Greyhound of the Year awards.

7. Procedure for Selection of Inductees

7.1 The Secretary or a nominated representative originally prepared and provided to each Committee member a list of eligible candidates to assist the Committee in its selection of 6 pioneers, 15 persons and 15 greyhounds as inductees to the HoF.
The list contained:
(a) candidates provided by the person employed by the Steering Committee to research greyhound racing and develop a list of potential HoF inductees and Pioneers of Greyhound Racing
(b) nominations received from GRV Clubs, The NCA of Victoria, the GOTBA, the media and GRV industry participants
(c) life members, previous industry award winners (people and greyhounds), persons recognized via State and Federal Government awards
7.2 Along with the names of potential inductees, the Secretary or a nominated representative shall provide a brief summary of the nominee’s contribution to greyhound racing or the performances of the greyhound to allow the Committee to determine if they should be inducted into the HoF.
8. Meetings

8.1 The quorum required for the Committee meetings shall not be less than five members present including the Chairman.

8.2 The formal period of notice for meetings shall be a minimum of 14 days.

8.3 All determinations of the Committee shall be evidenced by minutes signed by the Chairman and copies shall as soon as practicable be placed and kept on file at the Offices of GRV at 46-50 Chetwynd Street, West Melbourne 3003.

8.4 All resolutions of the Committee requiring an affirmative vote must be passed by 65% of the Committee members present at the meeting.
9. Services provided by GRV

9.1 GRV shall provide office accommodation, communication and secretarial facilities and other facilities as may be reasonably necessary for the management and discharge by the Committee of its functions.

9.2 The initial office and principal place of business of the Committee shall be at GRV headquarters, 46-50 Chetwynd St. West Melbourne 3003.

9.3 All expenses associated with the operation of the Committee shall be borne and paid for by GRV, provided that GRV shall first have approved any such item of expenditure.

9.4 Committee members shall be eligible to receive a sitting fee (travel allowance) as determined by the GRV Board. GRV full time employees will not receive fees.

9.5 The Committee shall report to the GRV Board from time to time and not less than annually in relation to its activities and at such time as is sufficient for the GRV Board a report on the operation and activities of the Committee in the GRV Board Annual Report.


10. HoF Charter

10.1 The Committee may from time to time make recommendations to the GRV Board for amendments to the Charter.

10.2 It is expected the Charter will be amended from time to time by the GRV Board.

10.3 No amendment to this Charter shall be made without the prior written approval of the GRV Board.

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