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2017 Grading Review


Following GRV’s Strategic Engagement Workshops and Consultation Sessions conducted throughout 2016, as well as reviewing the general questions and queries regarding the GRV Grading process, GRV is undertaking a full review of all Grading related processes. This is now underway.

Some of the important matters which are under consideration as part of the Grading Review are set out below.

Aged Prize Money (APM)

We recently advised of modifications to the Aged Prize Money (APM) table, which appears when searching a greyhound’s details through GRV FastTrack. The changes to the APM are aimed at better representing the greyhound’s current ability to win prize money. This APM value would be used to determine which greyhounds are selected for each race in a meeting.


We also want to simplify the Grades including considerations as to whether there are too many Grades. We will also look at how relevant having a different grade at each track over each distance in today’s greyhound racing environment in Victoria.

Grading and Selection

To simplify the grading and selection process it is also necessary to review the various selection methods – ie. order of entry rights (currently 8 different types) with the aim to condense these that would apply to all meetings – perhaps 2 – one for Maidens, and then one for the graded greyhounds.

Selection Types

Currently for Full Stakes meetings the “top down” method is used. This means that the highest graded dogs, nominated for the longest distance races are selected first, down through to the Maidens over the shortest distance last. Half Stakes meetings use bottom up (or dedicated meetings)


Key objectives of the Review are:

  • To simplify current grading processes which are complex and difficult to understand
  • To better cater for older greyhounds that are no longer as competitive as they once were
  • To better look after inexperienced and Maiden greyhounds
  • To improve racing opportunities for all greyhounds whelped

The Review Process

The Review has commenced and will be undertaken in consultation with the industry over the coming months, with the objective of implementing any changes before the commencement of the new racing season in July 2017.

  1. Conduct on-line survey
  2. Publish survey results
  3. Draft new Grading & Selection Guidelines
  4. Publish proposed new Guidelines – Grader to attend each track to seek feedback
  5. Develop FastTrack changes
  6. Implement




To better understand the views of trainers and owners, the GRV Racing department is conducting a survey in relation to race selection with the aim of best catering for the entire greyhound racing population. The survey will be open for submissions until 15 January 2017.