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Becoming An Attendant

In the hierarchy of involvement in the greyhound industry there are four levels, owner, catcher, attendant and trainer. Becoming an attendant is the third level of involvement and allows you to handle a registered greyhound at the racetrack and to also act as a catcher at the end of a race.  Attendants usually work for a Registered Trainer and may assist the trainer when they have a number of greyhounds engaged to race, or when they cannot attend the track themselves.

The responsibilities of an Attendant may include the presentation of a greyhound for pre-race kennelling, preparing the greyhound for a race, parading the greyhound to the starting boxes, or catching the dog after a race.  Attendants have to be registered as a member of Greyhound Racing Victoria. The minimum age requirement for an attendant is 14 years.

Becoming a greyhound attendant can be a unique and exciting experience, as it allows you to interact with the greyhounds on a very personal level. Confirming your decision to become an attendant will require a little research. It is also recommended that you familiarise yourself with the greyhound racing rulebook . You may also want to have a chat to your trainer or other attendants that you already know who may give you an indication of what is needed to become a successful attendant.

When deciding to become a greyhound attendant you will enter into an industry that is passionate about the sport of greyhound racing and even more passionate about the elite animal itself. The process involved in becoming a greyhound attendant while being relatively simple is designed to ensure that the people entering our industry are doing so with the right intentions and have the welfare of the greyhound at heart at all times.

If you would like to become a Attendant, you will need to set up a Fast Track Account  (if you do not already have one), and click on the ‘Apply to Participate’ tab

If you would like any more information on becoming an attendant or need some assistance with setting up your Fast Track Account please make an enquiry online HERE or contact Racing Services and Registrations on (03) 8329 1100.