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Becoming A Catcher

In the hierarchy of involvement in the greyhound industry there are four levels, owner, catcher, attendant and trainer. Becoming a catcher is the second level of involvement and allows you to catch a dog after it has raced.

Becoming a Catcher is often the first step to forming a lifelong relationship with the greyhound racing industry. While catching greyhounds can be a rewarding and fun pastime, it is extremely important that appropriate occupational health and safety standards are adhered to by both the greyhound racing club and the individual who is applying to become a Catcher. It is for this reason that Catchers have to be registered as a member of Greyhound Racing Victoria.

The minimum age requirement for a Catcher is 14 years. Each Catcher must register with Greyhound Racing Victoria and complete a practical assessment, which requires the applicant to satisfactorily catch a greyhound before a GRV steward or Club Manager. This assessment may be conducted at any greyhound racing track in Victoria excluding city meetings held at The Meadows (Sat) or Sandown (Thur).

If you would like to become a Catcher, you will need to set up a Fast track Account (if you do not already have one), and click on the ‘Apply to Participate’ tab.

If you need to know anymore information on becoming a catcher or how to register please make an enquiry online HERE or contact Racing Services and Registrations on (03) 8329 1100.