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Last Updated: 24 February 2022 05:26:57 PM


*Please check this page regularly for updates

The protocols outlined below have been put in place by GRV and Greyhound Clubs Victoria to help protect the health of participants, GRV and club staff, followers of the code and the general community. They are based on advice from Victoria’s Chief Health Officer and regulations issued by the Victorian and Federal Governments.

All these protocols are currently in force and will remain so indefinitely. It is vital that we all follow them to protect both ourselves and the immediate future of our sport.

COVID-19:  A guide to protocols

A one page snapshot of some of the bio-security measures being taken to help protect the health of Victoria’s greyhound community.

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Access to race meetings and club venues

  • All participants must check-in, and present proof of compliance with the Victorian Government Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions – click here  for more information.
  • Restricted to essential people.
  • Wearing of face masks is mandatory in particular situations. Scarves, bandannas, and face shields are no longer suitable. Fitted face coverings that cover the persons nose and mouth are required.
  • Licensed trainers (or trainers’ representatives) with runners at the meeting.
  • Essential staff such as stewards, vets, club employees with race day duties.
  • Media approved by GRV.
  • Closed to public, owners, non-essential people, all children and wagering operators.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.
  • If you feel unwell or have a temperature do not come to the track and contact your doctor.
  • Temperatures checked for all persons entering track between start of kennelling and Race 6.

Conduct of races

  • All participants allowed on course must be dressed in accordance with the dress code as set out in the rules (ie; black and whites) at all times – including during kenneling.
  • Use of bibs ceased.
  • Vetting greyhounds conducted in outdoor areas (where possible).
  • Removal of parading in front of the pavilion prior to each race.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 3 metres when walking greyhounds to the starting boxes.
  • Handlers to leave the starting area as soon as they have loaded their greyhound.
  • Starters’ fees are paid electronically.


  • All participants must check-in, and present proof of compliance with the Victorian Government Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions – click here  for more information.
  • Non-race trials only by prior appointment.
  • Wearing of face masks is mandatory. Scarves, bandannas, and face shields are no longer suitable. Fitted face coverings that cover the persons nose and mouth are required.
  • No trials held after the last race at Sale until further notice.
  • No cash transactions on course – all payments for trials to be either online or by card.
  • Trainers must wear hi-vis clothing when trialling under OHS regulations and are now required to provide their own hi-vis clothing to trial.

Use of club facilities

  • Kennels and patron areas, function rooms and covered areas will remain open for use by those allowed to attend race meetings – however restrictions are placed on number of people in each room and area in operation on race day as per the room measurements– room capacity numbers will be displayed and managed accordingly.
  • Tracks with in-house dining facilities are no longer allowed to serve participants. Take away only is allowed and must comply with all COVID-19 requirements.


Easing of mask rules and what it means for greyhound racing

24 February 2022

Latest Victorian Government COVID announcement to come into effect from Saturday 26 February….


Track goers required to wear face masks at all times

5 January 2022

To reduce the COVID-19 risk, GRV has adopted a number of protocols to come into effect on 6 January, 2022.


Participants urged to remain vigilant as masks again become mandatory while indoors

23 December 2021

GRV reminds participants that, effective 11.59pm tonight, masks are again mandatory while indoors.


COVID-19 second vaccine dose deadline fast approaching

16 November 2021

From Friday 26 November 2021, participants must have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine (unless holding a valid medical exemption) to be able to continue working or participating in greyhound racing activities away from home….


Upcoming change to valid proof of medical exemption

4 November 2021

From 6pm on Friday 12 November 2021, only an official Australian Immunisation Register immunisation exemption form, completed and signed by an approved medical practitioner…


Changes to on-track protocols

29 October 2021

Here are the protocols in effect at Victorian greyhounds tracks from 6pm on 29 October, 2021…


What the State Government’s Mandatory Vaccinations (Workers) Directions mean for you

13 October 2021

Anyone participating in greyhound racing in Victoria, or who undertakes greyhound racing related work away from home, must comply with…


Traralgon track update

22 September 2021

COVID-19 restrictions lead to a delay in the opening of redeveloped track.


Bendigo’s Ready to Race Sales cancelled again

22 September 2021

Annual auction won’t go ahead in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions.


The easy way to check into greyhound clubs

03 September 2021

How you can help speed up contact tracing in the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case.


No racing at Geelong this Friday

24 August 2021

Geelong GRC has being used as a pop-up COVID testing site, meaning the race meeting scheduled for Friday 27 August has been cancelled.


Shepparton GRC closed until further notice

21 August 2021

News of a COVID-19 outbreak in the Shepparton region means no racing or trialling at the greyhound club until more news comes to hand.


Curfew, Worker Permits reintroduced

16 August 2021

The Victorian Government today announced further changes to COVID-19 restrictions, which will be in effect until 11.59pm on Thursday 2 September.


Greyhound racing to maintain current status

5 August 2021

Victoria will enter a 7-day lockdown from 8pm tonight, however greyhound racing will continue across the state in its current status.


Greyhound racing to continue without crowds

27 July 2021

Victorian greyhound racing will maintain its current status of allowing essential persons only on-course at ALL race meetings and trial sessions around the state until further advice is received from the Chief Health Officer.


Traralgon ‘Participant Day’ postponed

16 July 2021

The proposed track tour at Traralgon set for Monday 19 July will be rescheduled due to Victoria’s current five-day lock down.


Essential persons only on-course

15 July 2021

In line with the State Government’s announcement of a five-day lock down effective from 16 July 2021, essential persons only will be allowed on course at ALL Victorian racetracks.


GRV COVID-19 alert

13 July 2021

GRV advises participants that the McDonald’s restaurant in the Ballan region (near Ballarat) has been declared a COVID-19 Tier 1 site.


Update to GRV COVID-19 protocols

24 June 2021

As a result of the Victorian Government’s announcement on Wednesday 23 June of further easing of COVID-19 restrictions across the state, the following GRV COVID protocols will apply to ALL race meetings at ALL tracks in Victoria, effective from Friday 25 June 2021.


Update to GRV COVID-19 protocols

17 June 2021

In line with the State Government’s announcement today, which eases COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, the following GRV Covid protocols will apply to ALL race meetings at ALL tracks in Victoria, effective from Friday 18 June 2021.


Update to GRV COVID-19 protocols

10 June 2021

Following the State Government’s latest announcements of further changes to COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, GRV has adopted a number of protocols to take effect from Friday 11 June.


Greyhound racing to continue in Victoria albeit without crowds

27 May 2021

Crowds will not be allowed on course at tonight’s Sandown Cup race meeting, following the Victorian Government’s advice today around COVID-19.


COVID-19 update: Effective from 6pm on Tuesday 25 May

25 May 2021

In line with today’s State Government announcement, new COVID-19 restrictions apply to ALL race meetings at ALL race tracks in Victoria.


Important advice for participants attending racetracks

04 January 2021

GRV encourages all participants to remain vigilant during the COVID-19 pandemic and be aware that there is currently an increasing number of hotspots throughout much of Victoria.


Reminder about face mask requirements

31 December 2020

GRV reminds the general public that, in accordance with State Government restrictions, it is mandatory for any person attending a Victorian greyhound race meeting to wear a face mask…


How owners can secure a spot on track

23 November 2020
Booking system now in place while COVID-19 protocols limit the number of owners attending racetracks.


New rules around wearing face masks

22 November 2020
Face masks must continue to be worn in certain situations at Victoria’s greyhound racetracks.


Owners welcome to register interest in attending race meetings

19 November 2020

Victorian greyhound racing clubs to allow 30 registered owners per race meeting to attend to view their greyhound/s racing.


Two-wave boxing process to be reinstated

9 November 2020

Victorian greyhound racing will revert back to the two-wave boxing process from 10 November, 2020.


COVID-19: Updated Permitted Worker Permit needed

10 September 2020

To continue to travel throughout Victoria during Covid GRV participants are required to update their Permitted Worker Permit from the Victorian State Government.


Changes to racing schedule amid metropolitan curfew

7 AUGUST 2020

GRV is moving ‘Night’ race meetings in Victoria’s metropolitan region to earlier time slots to assist with the 8pm COVID-19 curfew.


COVID-19 UPDATE – Participants need COVID Safe Plans by Friday

6 AUGUST 2020

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, the Victorian Government is requiring businesses to adopt a COVID Safe Plan.

These plans apply to participants with five or more employees and are required by Friday.


Important COVID-19 Update to participants

5 AUGUST 2020

To travel throughout Victoria people must undertake two points of action.


Vet visits given ‘all clear’ under new restrictions

4 AUGUST 2020

The Australian Veterinary Association has offered important advice regarding visiting vets.


Racing to continue

3 AUGUST 2020

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed that greyhound racing will continue at this time because of the very low-level risk it poses in spreading COVID-19 in our workplace.


ALL GRV Participants attending any racetrack in Victoria must wear a face mask

24 JULY 2020

In order to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all participants, facial coverings are compulsory at all trial sessions and race meetings.


Zero-tolerance approach to COVID-19 breaches

21 JULY 2020

From 23 July facial coverings (masks) will be mandatory at all Victorian greyhound race meetings and trial sessions.


ID travel essentials for GRV participants

16 JULY 2020

GRV would like participants to ensure they have the following forms of identification when traveling to and from their places of work.


Important advice for participants attending race meetings

30 JUNE 2020

GRV and Greyhound Clubs Victoria (GCV) encourage all participants to remain vigilant during the COVID pandemic and in particular at the tracks in the Municipalities of Hume and Casey.

If you are attending a race meeting, we recommend that you travel to the track and then return home, avoiding visiting shops and services in these areas. We recommend participants bring their own food, or dine in at the racing track venue on site, to avoid the need to leave the track during the meeting.

This advice is based on latest advice from the Government regarding the spread of COVID-19.

To limit the spread of the virus, participants are advised to refrain from dining at restaurants and fast food outlets surrounding the tracks on the way to, from and during their time on course.

For the latest information on COVID-19 please refer to the Department of Health and Human Services website –

Interstate nominations to be accepted for all Victorian race meetings

18 JUNE 2020

Commencing June 23, nominations will be accepted from interstate trainers for all Victorian greyhound race meetings.


GAP Pre-entry Assessments return to the norm

18 JUNE 2020

The Greyhound Adoption Program’s pre-entry assessments have returned to normal – albeit with social distancing protocols.


Trainers to provide own hi-vis clothing for arm trials

22 APRIL 2020

Greyhound trainers are advised that as per the removal of shared handlers bibs and rain jackets on race day under COVID-19 protocols, clubs will no longer supply hi-vis vests for trialling purposes.


Health screening for on-track greyhound racing participants and staff

3 APRIL 2020

GRV and Greyhound Clubs Victoria have introduced new on-track health checks for all participants, GRV personnel and club staff attending race meetings.


COVID-19: Boxing Process To Revert Back to Four-Wave Model

2 APRIL 2020

Greyhound tracks throughout Victoria have reverted back to the four-wave model for boxing greyhounds rather than the eight-wave model.


COVID-19: Advice for older Victorian greyhound trainers

APRIL 2020

The contribution senior citizens make to the sport of greyhound racing is nothing short of extraordinary, and the care and wellbeing of older Australians is a major priority in this uncertain time.


COVID-19: Changes to operational procedures around greyhound racing integrity

30 MARCH 2020

The general public are not allowed to attend race meetings and a number of race day protocols have been introduced to protect the health of participants and staff.


Contacting GRV

  • The Head Office in West Melbourne is closed to visitors with staff working remotely, including Racing Services
  • Participants can still call GRV on 8329 1100, however, calls cannot currently be transferred between staff, which may affect response times
  • Participants are encouraged to contact GRV on the Participant Support Line for any COVID-19 related enquiries or requests for assistance. Contact the Participant Support Line by phone on 1300 144 360 or send email to
  • In need of mental health or debt management help? Participants and their immediate family members can call Greyhound Participant Support (GPS) by Assure Programs on 1300 739 550, a free professional and confidential psychological counselling and financial coaching service, with emergency support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, click here.
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