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Last Updated: 17 December 2014 04:13:36 PM

New Vaccination Requirements





As part of the National Greyhound Welfare Strategy, GA is proposing to introduce some national rule changes relating to industry required vaccination levels.  This Fact Sheet is designed to assist participants to understand what is being proposed and why.


What will the proposed changes mean?


Below are the three key changes to vaccination requirements being proposed They are:


  • The level of vaccination required for naming a greyhound will be increased from C3 to C5
  • The level of vaccination required for a litter to be registered will be increased from C3 to C5
  • The addition of a compulsory vaccine (minimum of C3) for puppies aged between six to eight weeks old


Why are the changes being proposed?


The proposed changes will bring a number of welfare benefits to the greyhound population. Among the benefits will be:


  • Increased levels of protection against disease for racing greyhounds and puppies
  • Increased levels of immunity across the racing greyhound population
  • Decreased likelihood of disease outbreaks among the greyhound population
  • Ensures a racing greyhound’s vaccination status meets the requirements for boarding under relevant Codes of Practices
  • Brings the industry in line with other breeding Codes of Practices and Codes of Ethics


Will there be a chance for participants to provide feedback on the changes?


Yes, Greyhounds Australasia and the state controlling bodies are calling for participant feedback on the proposed vaccination rule changes. The National Breeding and Vaccination Consultation Process invites participants to supply their feedback by completing a form and returning it to Greyhounds Australasia by 15 January 2015.


The participant feedback form can be accessed via the Greyhounds Australasia website ( or the website of your state controlling body.


When will the proposed changes be introduced?


After all of the industry feedback has been reviewed and considered, it is anticipated that the new rules will come into effect 1 July 2015, and will apply to new applications after that date.


Please fill in the attached form to provide feedback here.

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