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Last Updated: 31 January 2020 10:43:45 AM

About GRV

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision


Victorian Greyhound Racing is a vibrant, entertaining and thriving sport with animal welfare at its heart.

Our Mission


To professionally regulate, conduct and promote greyhound racing and welfare in Victoria with integrity and care, and to ensure an engaging, ethical and sustainable sport.

Our Values


Integrity, Transparency, Collaboration, Respect, Safety, Responsiveness and Progression.

Strategic Priorities

GRV 2019-24 Strategic Plan – Executive summary

GRV has worked with the industry to drive significant change. The challenge for us all is to now build on these achievements while increasing market share and revenue growth as well as investing more in the promotion of the sport while continuing to deliver strong welfare and integrity outcomes.

The environment in which we interact is constantly evolving with new digitally based products and services so GRV needs to become even more agile, connected and engaged with participants, fans and the community.

This Strategic Plan sets out a new path forward to meet these challenges and secure the long-term future of Victorian greyhound racing as a vibrant, ethical and financially sustainable sport that delivers a great wagering experience and most importantly, increased returns to our participants so that they can continue to work in our sport for many years to come, doing what they love – caring for their dogs.

Peita Duncan, GRV Chair

The 2016-19 Strategic Plan has guided a period of major reform for the sport and GRV. A strengthened regulation and compliance regime combined with real cultural change among participants has significantly improved the welfare outcomes of Victorian greyhounds throughout their full life cycle. Greyhound welfare and integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Retired racers are now being re-homed in record numbers while there has been a dramatic fall in euthanasia numbers and a strong focus on safe racing has been embraced.

GRV is now fit for purpose as a modern, professional and effective regulator. Evidence-based decision making has become the norm. Its integrity and welfare functions have set a new benchmark for the code nationally, and engagement with participants, other stakeholders and the general community is underpinned by targeted communication, education and marketing initiatives. In line with our values we will actively support and nurture our staff and participants.

We can be proud of our achievements to date but there is still more to do. 

Alan Clayton, GRV CEO

Download an executive summary of the 2019-24 Strategic Plan here (PDF).

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