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Stakeholder Engagement Workshops

Following on from the success of our recent stakeholder engagement workshops and taking into account the feedback we have received about workshop accessibility, GRV has decided to put on three regional workshops in Shepparton, Warrnambool and Traralgon.

Unlike the recent program of workshops, the regional workshops will focus on a number of key animal welfare concerns (instead of one) for the Victorian greyhound racing industry. All workshops will commence at 6pm and likely run to 10pm.

The topics that will be covered during each regional workshop will be:

  • Breeding and Breeding Controls
  • Improving the Racing Career of Greyhounds
  • Retirement and Re-homing

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GRV will take on board the discussion generated in these workshops to form a basis for future decision making and policies. This is a chance for the greyhound racing industry to take ownership in the sustainable future of our sport. Have your say on the key issues by signing up to the workshops below.


Register your attendance by clicking the links for each workshop below:

  1. Regional Workshop – Shepparton (registration now closed)
  2. Regional Workshop – Traralgon (registration now closed)
  3. Regional Workshop – Warrnambool (registration now closed)


PLEASE NOTE: You must be a registered GRV participant to signup to the above workshops. 


Why are the workshops important: 

Much has happened in our sport during the past 12 months and there will be more change in the future. Your input is extremely valuable in helping GRV improve animal welfare and provide racing enhancements that all aim to produce a sustainable future for greyhound racing in Victoria. The workshops will provide input for the following deliverables:

  • Comprehensive breeding strategy
  • Development of new training initiatives and policies
  • Introduction of new training platforms
  • Refining current system and potentially exploring other grading system alternatives
  • Introduction of new policies and programs


To provide feedback or to find out more about our previous workshop program please click on the links below:

  1. Training facilities and trial tracks (Provide feedback here)
  2. Track design, track safety and lures (Provide feedback here)
  3. Breeding and breeding controls (Provide feedback here)
  4. Rearing and pre-race training (Provide feedback here)
  5. Improving the racing career of greyhounds (Provide feedback here)
  6. Racing program and grading (Provide feedback here)
  7. Opportunities for smaller scale participants (Provide feedback here)
  8. Industry education and training requirements (Provide feedback here)
  9. Retirement and Re-homing (Provide feedback here)

Regional Workshops

  1. Shepparton (Provide feedback here)
  2. Traralgon (Provide feedback here)
  3. Warrnambool (Provide feedback here)


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