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Code Of Practice

The Code is gazetted under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 and is available in hard copy by contacting GRV, or by following this link.

Track Injury Claim Policy (Effective June 2017)

The purpose of this Policy is to explain how a claim for a greyhound race injury, that occurs because of the acts or omissions of an official or race track item, is processed through Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV).

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Non-starter Claim Policy (Effective June 2017)

The purpose of this Policy is to explain when Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) may offer payment to a registered Owner when a nominated and eligible greyhound was prevented from participating in an Event and the process of making a claim.

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Hot Weather Policy (Effective 1 February 2017)

To outline when GRV Racing Operations will declare that a venue is ‘hot weather affected’. To provide requirements for all racing and trialling activity at venues that have been declared ‘hot weather affected’. To ensure the welfare of greyhounds during transportation, at race meetings and trial sessions in hot weather conditions on days that are ‘hot weather affected’.

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Transportation of Greyhounds Policy (Effective 12 December 2016)

To ensure the safety and welfare of racing greyhounds while they are being transported by land. To ensure that persons responsible for the care and management of greyhounds at all stages of land transport are identified and are aware of their responsibilities while transporting greyhounds, and are accountable for their actions during this process. Adherence to the requirements of this policy will help to ensure that greyhound transport and/or travel related stress is minimised, and the risk of injury during transport is low, resulting in greyhounds arriving at their destination in the best possible condition.

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Steward Policy

GRV Steward Policy during race meetings. Click here to download PDF.

Swabbing Policy

GRV Swabbing Policies & Procedures. Click here to download PDF.

Trialling Policy

GRV Trialling Policy during race meetings. Click here to download PDF.

Hidez Compression Suit and Thunder Jacket

Hidez Compression Suit and Thunder Jacket policy. Click here to download PDF.

Approved Lures

GRV Approved Lures. Click here for link.

Making and Handling Protected Disclosures Procedure

With regards to known or suspected incidences of corrupt or improper conduct, the Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) policy position is to support both employees and non-employees to report such incidences. Click here to download PDF.

Race Fields Legislation

This document contains the application form to use and publish Victorian greyhound race fields pursuant to section 2.5.19C of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (Vic) (Act) and regulation 5 of the Gambling Regulation (Race Fields) Regulations 2008. Under the Act, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) is the appropriate controlling body responsible for approving wagering service providers to publish and use Victorian greyhound race fields, and to impose any conditions and fees on such publication and use.

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Standard Conditions on Publication and Use of GRV Race Fields

Pursuant to section 2.5.19D of the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 (VIC), this document sets out conditions applicable to any wagering service provider granted approval by GRV to use and publish Race Fields.

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Privacy Legislation

Greyhound Racing Victoria is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals' personal information. GRV is bound by the National Privacy Principles set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and the Information Privacy Principles set out in the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Victoria) ("the Acts").

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Responsible Gambling

For more information on Victoria's Problem Gambling Strategies visit or call Gamblers Help on 1800 156 789. RACING IN VICTORIA Victoria has a vibrant racing industry that includes thoroughbred and harness racing (horses) and greyhound racing (dogs). Victorian racing is generally acknowledged to be the strongest in Australia based on criteria such as the financial returns to owners, numbers of races and licensed participants. Studies indicate that the Victorian racing industry contributes over $2 billion to the local economy and employs over 64,000 people in over 30,000 equivalent full time positions. Most of these positions are filled by younger people who are early school leavers and the majority are based in regional Victoria. Racing in Victoria ranks alongside the largest manufacturing sectors in its contribution to economic activity and employment. It is both an important part of our State's heritage and a competitive strength for our future. GOVERNMENT RACING AND BETTING LEGISLATION The following Acts are relevant to the conduct of racing and betting in Victoria. Racing Act 1958 Administered by the Minister for Racing. Regulates the conduct of race meetings and betting at meetings. Provides for the licensing of racing clubs and racecourses; the issue of permits for minor race meetings and betting activities; and the registration of bookmakers and their clerks. Establishes Harness Racing Victoria, Greyhound Racing Victoria, Racing Appeals Tribunal and Bookmakers & Bookmakers' Clerks Registration Committee. Recognises the role of Racing Victoria Limited as the controlling body of thoroughbred racing. Gambling Regulation Act 2003 Administered by the Minister for Gaming and in some parts jointly with the Minister for Racing. Provisions relevant to the Racing Portfolio include: The issuing of a wagering and gaming licence to TABCORP Holdings Ltd providing that the company has entered into an unincorporated joint venture with the racing industry. Establishes the Victorian Casino & Gaming Authority as the regulator of the gaming and wagering licence. Generally regulates the operation of totalisator and fixed odds betting by TABCORP. Prescribes the taxation regime for totalisator and fixed odds betting by TABCORP. Enforcement provisions against illegal betting (eg SP bookmaking). Regulates the advertising and communication of betting related information. Regulates the conduct of minor gaming including the holding of Calcutta sweepstakes. Generally regulates the gaming machine industry in which the racing industry and TABCORP are participants. Subordinate Legislation Racing (Bookmakers) Regulations 2002 Racing (Racing Appeals Tribunal) Regulations 1994 Copies of the above legislation can be found on the Parliamentary website or purchased from Information Victoria

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Social Media Rules

Rules and regulations for posting on all GRV social media platforms.

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General Alert to Trainers (Feeding)

General Alert to Trainers (Feeding)

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Drug Penalty Guideline (Prohibited Substances, January 2011)

Advice to participants regarding prohibited substance-related offences.

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