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Transporting Your Greyhound

You greyhound may have to be transported to and from a variety of different places during its puppy life.

This often starts from as early as three months of age, which is the case if your pup has to leave the property it was born at to go to the farm it is being reared at.

A typically common pathway whereby pups will need transportation is as follows: Breeder’s property to rearing farm (approx 3 months), rearing farm to breaker (14 months), breaker to speller (15 months) speller to pre-trainer (17 months) and, finally, pre-trainer to trainer (20 months).

There are a number of companies that specialise in animal transportation however, provided you have a reliable vehicle, with air-conditioning if travelling on a warm day, transporting your greyhound yourself is undoubtedly the best option.

Some of the key criteria to successful travel with a greyhound includes:
- Air-conditioning on a warm or hot day as greyhounds overheat very easily
- It is important to regularly offer your greyhound fresh cool water in a bowl on long trips
- A comfortable bedding for your dog to lie on
- Avoid overcrowding and putting your greyhound in a situation where he or she could be attacked by another dog
- Regular stops for exercise and toilet stops
- Keep windows down part of the way to give your greyhound fresh air while travelling
- Do not leave your greyhound in a car with windows up

Failing to adhere to any of the above could be detrimental to your greyhound’s welfare and future racing prospects.

This is why it is best to transport your greyhound yourself if possible, plus the fact that animal transport companies may have a number of stops before taking your greyhound to its destination.