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Becoming A Breeder

Breeding greyhounds is an area of our sport that requires extensive knowledge, lots of hard work and true passion. Breeding the next generation of champions is more than just good luck; it involves planning, research and exceptional care of the breeding female and the litter.
The process involved in becoming a greyhound breeder, whilst relatively simple, is designed to ensure that new breeders are beginning with the right intentions and have the welfare of the greyhounds they breed in mind at all times.  The aim is to have a very high number of pups reach the track from each breeding.

Achieving Breeding Success
Before breeding a litter of greyhounds, it is imperative that you have an understanding of the financial commitment, time and facilities needed to give your pups the best chance of making it to the racetrack.   During the pregnancy, whelping and first few months, the greyhounds have a very high requirement for care and supervision therefore breeders need to be sure that they have the time to commit to such an important task.

It is estimated that it can cost close to $10,000 to breed and raise a litter of pups to the age of 16 weeks, including stud fees, veterinary costs, registration fees & feeding costs.  Add to this the amount of time and effort that also goes into breeding a successful litter and you can see breeding is not for the feint hearted or those who think they might make a quick profit.



How To Be A Breeder

The Breeder’s Education Package contains four units covering topics such as selection of breeding stock, GRV requirements, breeding your female, whelping the litter and the raising of a litter of pups. It is designed to give you, as a new breeder, an insight into the job ahead, making sure you are aware of your responsibilities and giving you some information about each important stage.

If you have not bred a litter before, you will be required to read through the information contained in the four units then complete and submit the assessment forms via FastTrack for each unit prior to your female greyhound being served.

If you would like to become a Breeder, you will need to access your Fast track account and click on the ‘Apply to Participate’ tab

If you would like more information on becoming a breeder or help with setting up your Fast Track Account please make an enquiry online HERE or contact Member Services on (03) 8329 1100 or email