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Sat, 22nd Oct 2016
Traralgon race on 22/10/2016 Traralgon(T) View
The Meadows race on 22/10/2016 The Meadows(N) View
Sun, 23rd Oct 2016
Healesville race on 23/10/2016 Healesville(D) View
Sandown (SAP) race on 23/10/2016 Sandown (SAP)(D) View
Sale race on 23/10/2016 Sale(T) View
Mon, 24th Oct 2016
Ballarat race on 24/10/2016 Ballarat(D) View
Traralgon race on 24/10/2016 Traralgon(T) View
Shepparton race on 24/10/2016 Shepparton(N) View
Tue, 25th Oct 2016
Geelong race on 25/10/2016 Geelong(T) View
Ballarat race on 25/10/2016 Ballarat(T) View
Warragul race on 25/10/2016 Warragul(N) View
Wed, 26th Oct 2016
Meadows (MEP) race on 26/10/2016 Meadows (MEP)(D) View
Warragul race on 26/10/2016 Warragul(T) View
Ballarat race on 26/10/2016 Ballarat(N) View
Cranbourne race on 26/10/2016 Cranbourne(N) View
Thu, 27th Oct 2016
Bendigo race on 27/10/2016 Bendigo(D) View
Shepparton race on 27/10/2016 Shepparton(T) View
Sandown Park race on 27/10/2016 Sandown Park(N) View
Cranbourne race on 27/10/2016 Cranbourne(N) View
Fri, 28th Oct 2016
Traralgon race on 28/10/2016 Traralgon(D) View
Bendigo race on 28/10/2016 Bendigo(T) View
Geelong race on 28/10/2016 Geelong(N) View